The difference we offer is that we make all of our clients part of our team;
We listen to your dreams and ideas for your spaces, and help to prepare your expectations to creating a wonderful new space.  Our team of architects and interior designers  are your go to team of experts in all elements of design.  Discover our broad ranges of services to help you achieve any of your ideas. 


kitchens + baths

We offer you quality and stylish items from leading bath and kitchen manufacturers to bring your kitchen and bathroom to a whole new level. You can count on our team of designers to provide you with excellent quality materials and the technical support with design recommendations.

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A licensed Architect, Anastasia, is the founder of AHD +  Co as well as a founding partner of &Design Space. She knows exactly how to deliver the project that you envision while considering it’s livability and functionality. Our process for an approach that is different is the foundation of the firm.  We are an integrated team that understands great design, and has the knowledge to develop the details. Our firm knows exactly how to deliver the project that you envision while considering it’s livability and functionality. 

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Our firm is a mix of cross disciplinary teams, we offer a more integrated approach than other design firms. Our interior design team is always supported by the architectural team providing a fully integrated approach.  Our constant collaboration across disciplines results in design that is thoughtful, considerate, and efficient: delivering feasible and beautiful spaces on that are well-constructed and will endure for the life of the project. Our designs are functional, contemporary and modern spaces that reflect your personality and character.  We listen carefully, and we provide straightforward advice during the process.

Together we will create a project you will love.  The design process can be overwhelming, but we are here to keep the process clear and smooth, helping you bring your project to life